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How Can We Help?

  • <a href="http://sogoelectrical.com.au/contact-sogo-electrical-services-sydney/">Diagnostics</a>


    SOGO Electrical are Sydney’s first choice for rectification and diagnosis of electrical faults. From the power in your street to the appliance in your house, and every inch of cable in between, when the power is no go ... SOGO.

  • <a href="http://sogoelectrical.com.au/contact-sogo-electrical-services-sydney/">Wire / Rewire</a>

    Wire / Rewire

    We strive to meet the highest standards of workmanship when it comes to the initial installation of your new electrical system. We also provide unparalleled skill in zero disturbance rewiring of dangerous and obsolete systems such as black rubber and cotton cable/metal conduit. If it pops or blows ... SOGO.

  • <a href="http://sogoelectrical.com.au/contact-sogo-electrical-services-sydney/">Level 2 Service</a>

    Level 2 Service

    Our company provides power to the people, offering you all paths of mains power to your home or workspace. Whether it be underground mains, poles, overhead service lines or metering equipment - the ones who know ... SOGO.

  • <a href="http://sogoelectrical.com.au/contact-sogo-electrical-services-sydney/">Light Design</a>

    Light Design

    Both inside and out we can design and provide all themes of lighting. From high wattage commercial and industrial installations to dependable low voltage exterior systems, and all types of domestic applications in between, we never lose sight of style, functionally and energy efficiency. For lights that glow ... SOGO.


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    ASP Level 2

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  • Because you want quality work at a quality price

    We pride ourselves in the high quality of work we continue to provide. In this world you get what you pay for. At SOGO electrical, it just happens to be a good deal.

  • Because you want results

    At SOGO Electrical we provide solutions to your problems. If we don’t believe we have the best answer, allow us to use our reputation and industry relationships to get you back on track.

  • Because safety doesn't take a holiday

    We pride ourselves in first-class safety practices for your family, your employees and your property.

  • Because your health starts at home

    At SOGO electrical we remove the health risks commonly found in your home and business, from installation of mould-removing ventilation systems to responsible removal of asbestos… we have you covered.